[patch] parent guardian process exits before fbserver is accepting connections

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[patch] parent guardian process exits before fbserver is accepting connections

Damyan Ivanov-5

Attached is a patch that makes the parent guardian process exit to the
OS only after fbserver has called listen() initializing its network

Without it, the following loop fails (sooner or later):

while true; do sudo service firebird3.0 restart; echo "select 'ready' from rdb\$database;" | isql localhost:employee; sleep 2.1; done

(the sleep is there to avoid the systemd limitation of 5 service
restarts per 10 seconds).

The patch makes the fbserver process send a SIGUSR1 signal to the
parent guardian process, which waits for it before exiting to the OS.

The patch applies (with a bit of fuzz) to master, B3_0_Release and
B2_5_Release branches.

I hope you find it useful. I'll be including the patch in the next
Debian release, after Debian 9 "stretch" is released later this year.

Please tell me if you prefer a ticket in JIRA or pull requests on


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fbserver-startup.patch (1K) Download Attachment