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Travis CI & Firebird

Egor Pugin

Adriano and I added support for CI on the It's
free for open source projects.
The link to the testing page is on a github mirror of firebird (click
on build... icon at the top of readme)
or direct links

I didn't announce this ci because there is some instability during ci
process, but in the neighbor thread Marius asked about it.

At the moment there is only linux testing (Ubuntu 12.04). OS X can be
added there. And there is no windows builds on travis, but Marius
suggested 'appveyor' so I'll try it.

Here are some notes for dev- and QA-teams:
1. Please, check CI scripts, build and test environment.
Several tests produce errors, maybe because of misconfigured
environment. For example, there is no 'make install' step.
2. One test is very long, so I disabled it (bugs.core_0870).
3. We need somehow to compare test results with QA team results in
order to have similar results. How many tests are failing? etc...
4. Do you need such tool (ci) at all? Are you interested?
5. Do you need email notifications on failed builds? You can write
privately to me, so I'll add your address.
6. CMake build on travis' ubuntu fails, so at the moment the default
build is user. This will be fixed later. Other OSes will be tested
first with CMake, if possible.

Egor Pugin

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