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Solution for 32Bit/64Bit mixed environment

André Knappstein, Controlling
I know that this is problem caused by very bad design by MS.
But maybe someone already found a workaround and would share it here.

I  need  to call the same DSN sometimes from a 32-Bit application, and
sometimes  from  a  64-Bit  application. So I need a DSN with the same
name  once  created  with  the  32-Bit  ODBCAD32.exe and once with the
64-Bit ODBCAD32.exe.

One  therefore has to reference the 32-Bit version of FBClient.dll and
the other references the 64-Bit version.
No  problem  for  System DSNs.
The different settings do not mess with each other.

For  User-DSNs  though, you must decide whether a DSN is either 32- or
64-Bit  because  no matter which version of ODBCAD32.exe you are using
to  create/manage  the DSNs, they will both be stored in the very same
registry  key,  which  basically  means  that  any  setting  in either
ODBCAD32.exe will overwrite the other, and therefore the last selected
version of FBClient.dll will win.

Sounds  like  there is no solution for this, and I can't even start to
imagine which idiot in Redmond let that pass. But, anyway, did anybody
of  you  stumble  across  some workaround, maybe involving some system

I  frankly  do  not  even know where all the places are where some 3rd
party tool is making a call to a User-DSN. Users even can create their
own  Excel/LibreOffice/CrystalReport  connections based on an existing


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