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Rene Pijnacker

Dear friend!


Pleasetake a look at that beautiful place we've just visited, I was really amazed, check it out http://amedeo.digitalproxemics.com/3637


Later, rpijnacker


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It's a bit of a philosophical stance question here.


I come from an existential stance and my answer is that this really depends on a few key factors. Foremost, I think suicide should be allowed and governed by the individual. I put the responsibility of making sure that debts are a responsibility of those who put the liability onto others. I preface this because some people would argue that you shouldn't suicide if you're in debt because reasons. I'll skim that for this.


If the individual without any doubt knows their future is to be filled with material they do not enjoy with little to no joy/pleasure, then I would agree that they would be foregoing pain with choosing to commit suicide. This is to say they haven't the ability to change their future. Perhaps you're stuck under a tree in the woods and insects are starting to eat at you...and you have a few minutes at best with help being over an hour away. IF you a possibility of future joy....well I just don't feel comfortable in giving some sort of equation to give an answer. This really depends on how the individual weights their joy and pain. We can't reliably see far into the future yet, so it's entirely possible that after a few days, you will enter a state of euphoria. You could achieve your goals in life, get some money, do what you love, fall into love, etc. The opposite could happen. It's....not really easy to say.




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