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Hi -

I missed some things in communication because of the way I am set up to
receive information.

I didn't set up all the folders I needed to in mu/mu4e. There are labels
in gmail like 'forums' that I don't see in my non web based gmail client. The
information going to gmail and at the firebird-devel lists were not the
same. I better take the time to set up some new folders for imap so my
mail client will see everything.

I ended up having a disjointed converation because of this.

I appreciate all the assistance with gpre. I am not going to use it
though now that I find it is deprecated.

I apologize to the list for not taking better care of the lists and
email. I will try to fix that maybe tonight when I get home.

I am going to look over the examples and see if I can figure out where I
went wrong.

thx. very much.
sorry :-(

Have a cool day.

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