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Köditz, Martin

Hello Helen,


thank you very much. I think the first German chapters will be available next week.


> The Docs sources are in the CVS repository, not SVN.


Sure. Read too much in the devel-list.


> That is how is goes, for now.  I am open to any better ideas....


Well, just a thought: We’re (4 developers) working on several manuals (set with books) using DocBook. Instead of CVS we’re using Git, but that’s just an aside. So when the work on a manual is done, the developer commits his changes to the repository. In background runs a script (periodically) that fetches the current repository, clones it and builds the HTML and PDF outputs which are automatically released on the product’s web site.


The actual writing is done on a develop branch. It is merged into the master branch after review. The script publishes the official release (master branch) at night at the web site while the “devel”-docs are built at an unofficial (or hidden) server. This can be done hourly or manually. It depends on runtime. With this prerelease everybody can review the doc before the merge.


The main benefit of this process is that nobody has to publish the release by hand and everybody knows what they have to do to get their work on the product’s page. And of course there is still an instance doing the review work.


Hope I expressed it well. Don’t know if this is something that can help. I think currently there are just a few commits. But maybe there could be much more if we’re able to push smaller parts as mentioned above (sections / chapters). And maybe we can acquire more doc writers on that way.





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