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Re: [FB-Tracker] Commented: (CORE-3565) Uncorrect calculation of Select with case statement

Dmitry Lendel
Good morning,

>You haven't said specifically what the expected results should be for a
>given condition.

Yes, you right. I am blond, I am sorry. :-)

Further, although the database will be appreciated, should it be needed, you
need to provide specific details to reproduce, the current details are not
enough for that purpose.

I`ll prepare today and send you link

It seems that you believe that if a REM.{field} is NULL that the results
should have a non-NULL value, you are mistaken.  SQL defines very specific
rules for the handling of NULLs.

No.  Problem in calculation while field has null and non null values. If all
values are null result will Ok. if all values are not null result will ok.
If values mixed and case is presented and Sum is present result is not ok in

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