ODBC Driver 2.0.2 Problem with FB ODBC driver in case of unstable network

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ODBC Driver 2.0.2 Problem with FB ODBC driver in case of unstable network

Egor Kromberg

FB ODBC Driver crash in case of unstable network 
#0 0x00007fffeda87885 in raise () from /lib64/libc.so.6 
#1 0x00007fffeda89065 in abort () from /lib64/libc.so.6 
#2 0x00007fffee34ea7d in __gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler() () from /usr/lib64/libstdc++.so.6 
#3 0x00007fffee34cc06 in ?? () from /usr/lib64/libstdc++.so.6 
#4 0x00007fffee34bb99 in ?? () from /usr/lib64/libstdc++.so.6 
#5 0x00007fffee34c5f1 in __gxx_personality_v0 () from /usr/lib64/libstdc++.so.6 
#6 0x00007fffede06323 in ?? () from /lib64/libgcc_s.so.1 
#7 0x00007fffede063f7 in _Unwind_Resume () from /lib64/libgcc_s.so.1 
#8 0x00007fffe2524836 in IscDbcLibrary::IscResultSet::~IscResultSet() () from /usr/lib64/libOdbcFb.so 
#9 0x00007fffe2514828 in IscDbcLibrary::IscMetaDataResultSet::~IscMetaDataResultSet() () from /usr/lib64/libOdbcFb.so 
#10 0x00007fffe251cf44 in IscDbcLibrary::IscProceduresResultSet::~IscProceduresResultSet() () from /usr/lib64/libOdbcFb.so 
#11 0x00007fffe251b471 in IscDbcLibrary::IscConnection::getCountInputParamFromProcedure(char const*, int&, int&, bool&) () from /usr/lib64/libOdbcFb.so 
#12 0x00007fffe251ac2a in IscDbcLibrary::IscConnection::getNativeSql(char const*, int, char*, int, int*) () from /usr/lib64/libOdbcFb.so 
#13 0x00007fffe257aeee in OdbcJdbcLibrary::OdbcStatement::sqlPrepare(unsigned char*, int) () from /usr/lib64/libOdbcFb.so 
#14 0x00007fffe254723f in SQLPrepare () from /usr/lib64/libOdbcFb.so 
#15 0x00007fffec90f5df in SQLPrepare () from /usr/lib64/libodbc.so.2 
#16 0x00007ffff7bae60b in odbc::PreparedStatement::_prepare (this=<value optimized out>) at preparedstatement.cpp:86 
#17 0x00007ffff7bae8c0 in odbc::PreparedStatement::PreparedStatement (this=0x7e32e4e0, con=<value optimized out>, hstmt=<value optimized out>, sql=<value optimized out>, resultSetType=<value optimized out>, resultSetConcurrency=<value optimized out>, defaultDirection=1) at preparedstatement.cpp:69 
#18 0x00007ffff7ba4ad1 in odbc::Connection::prepareStatement (this=0x7dffa680, sql="{ call SYS_ADD_STAT_COUNTER(?,?,?,?) };", resultSetType=0, resultSetConcurrency=0) at connection.cpp:480 
#19 0x0000000000470ab1 in STAT::CfStatFBDBAppender::flushCounter (this=0xdb5140, name="SOAPRA_sendAnswers", type=<value optimized out>, val="0") at ../../../viper/src/framework/statistics/CfStatFBDBAppender.cpp:218 
#20 0x0000000000476ebc in STAT::CfStatistics::thread () at ../../../viper/src/framework/statistics/CfStatistics.cpp:470 
#21 0x00007ffff7564aa3 in thread_proxy () from /usr/local/lib/libboost_thread.so.1.51.0 
#22 0x00007fffef0b07f1 in start_thread () from /lib64/libpthread.so.0 
#23 0x00007fffedb3a70d in clone () from /lib64/libc.so.6 

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'IscDbcLibrary::SQLError' 
  what(): std::exception 

I've investigated a problem and I think that in IscDbcLibrary::IscConnection::getCountInputParamFromProcedure function exception is thrown and in the process of stack unwinding the second exception is thrown in destuctor: 


After this the program is terminated.
Help me, please, I must know if it is our problem or FB ODBC Driver problem.

Best Regards,
Egor Kromberg

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