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MSSQL Migration Guide updated

Paul Vinkenoog
Hi all,

The MSSQL-to-Firebird Migration Guide has been (slightly) updated.
I've changed the section on converting CASE statements since Fb 1.5
fully supports CASE. I've also added a warning to the Introduction,
alerting the reader to the fact that the guide is outdated in a number
of places.

There also seems to be an empty section in this guide: "Server-Side
SQL". Unless this was meant as a wrapper for "SQL Tricks" (and more?)

I think this guide could use a revision: finding out where it is
outdated, where information is missing, etc.; bringing it up to date
not only with Fb 1.5, but also with newer MS SQL versions.

If anybody has time for this (I won't in the months to come), please
step forward. Ideally this job should be done by somebody who's also
familiar with MS SQL, but I realize that we can't be too choosy in
this heavily underpopulated subproject.

Paul Vinkenoog

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