MS Access 2016 crashing when using two Firebird ODBCs

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MS Access 2016 crashing when using two Firebird ODBCs

Nick Clements

Hi all,


I’ve been using MS Access to connect to Firebird ODBC for the last 12 years without an issue but recently I’ve started having a problem with Access crashing when connecting to databases via ODBC.  I tried updating the ODBC drivers again and thought that that had fixed it, but it hasn’t.


The problem is that I want to connect to two different Firebird databases from within MS Access so that I can move data between them.  The ODBC works fine as long as I only connect to one of them at a time; after opening a table from one source, MS Access crashes as soon as I try to open a table on the second connection.  I tried creating a new MS Access database and added one table linked via ODBC from two FB databases and it still crashes when I open the second table so that rules out a corruption in my original MS Access database.  We have not made any changes to Firebird on the server for 18 months.  Microsoft have probably updated MS Access in this time (so that may be the root cause of my problems, but I have no way of knowing).


I’m using MS Access 2016 on Windows 10 with Firebird_ODBC_2.0.5.156_x64 and Firebird 2.5.5 on the server.  As the FB databases are located on our sever so I’m the databases in the ODBC are defined like this:\Databases\Server\biscoTest\Database\BISCO.fdb.


Any suggestions?






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